Meet The Founders

Brancoy Oy is a youthful branding office that specializes in the e-commerce business and the development of digital customer experience. Creative, agile and efficient procedures allow the versatile service of companies in the different stages of growth. Brancoy is a company where growth is implanted in our DNA. Our office is located in the center of Jyväskylä and our clients are from all across the Nordic countries.

Making must provide value. One of our core values is “Partners not clients” way of thinking. Inspiration and the best ideas are born together – in a circle of trust. We’re very interested in people and we want to recognize the business that our client practices. The understanding of a client’s operation enables the right tools and processes to ensure the businesses marketing’s meaningfulness and efficiency. In the center of sustainable growth, there is always a brand whose character is realized through multi-channeled marketing tools.

Who are we?

Brancoy is a mixture of mettlesome experience, youthful enthusiasm and future super talents. The company has a clear drive in addition to a passionate and committed executive committee that is motivated by growth . We have created a partnership with Woolman Oy, who is the biggest Shopify Partner in Europe. Through this partnership, Woolman becomes one of our owners and will act as an example and pacesetter in future development and growth.Together we learn, challenge and evolve. A fast-paced operational environment requires a diverse understanding of business.

Meet Our Founders

Samuli Ala-Kasari (BBA) born 1994


“Eternal learning and the feeling of insufficiency is a part of success.”

Samuli has vast experience in sales and he’s no stranger to door-to-door sales. He is an eternal learner whose passion is entrepreneurship and helping businesses grow. He also has the ability to observe and find the right solutions and put them into practice with all parties included. Along with being known as a systematic worker Samuli is also known as a capable and sympathetic leader who doesn’t flee even in the face of the most senlesses challenges.

Arttu Hietala (BBA) born 1998 (Chairman of the board)

Creative director

“Your mindset is your potential.”

Arttu is an energetic inspirer who has years of experience in entrepreneurship despite his young age. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs with the platform of growth being an entrepreneurial spirit. Through his experience as a young entrepreneur he understands the realities of business. Arttu’s curious mind and creative way of thinking create fast, fresh and original solutions which are put into practice surrounded by enthusiastic people.

Toni Kivilahti (BBA) born 1980

“Understanding the big picture is the base on which a profitable business model is born.”

Toni is known as an analytic, inspiring and person-centered leader whose passion is building different sorts of business models. During his time as Scanburger’s department manager he accumulated valuable know-how about franchising businesses. As the operative director of a concept planning office, he has been able to create and develop many of Finnish and international top brands. At the moment Toni works as the CEO of Barot’s chain which employs almost a hundred people.

Juha Harju (MEcon, IT) born 1968

“The goal in life is not to live forever. The goal in life is to create something that does.”

Juha is a passionate and helpful growth entrepreneur who has vast experience in managing growth companies. He is a long-time IT expert and grew Descom CO to be the e-commerce supplier of over 250 people. Now Juha runs one of the top IT-firms in Finland, Woolman, which helps European brands succeed in digital commerce. Elias Sarajärvi born 1970 “Creativity and passion in creating different kinds of concepts have always been in the center of my operations.” Elias is a long-time entrepreneur, inspirer and innovator. Starting from a small city in Southern Lapland he founded the Scanburger-chain which has over a hundred restaurants spanning all across Finland. Nowadays Elias is a founding partner at the Barot’s chain and is in charge of its fast casual concept. Elias is a very recognisable person in his vast network of entrepreneurs.

Markku Tuomaala born 1967

“An idea has to pull its weight so it doesn’t come crashing down the moment it’s realized.“ 

Markku’s roots of entrepreneurship reach all the way to 1982 when his first wooden toys for children saw the light of the day. During time this hobby of a father working as a teacher became known as the Puuilo department store chain. Markku worked as the CEO of his company for 30 years and guided the discount chain to be a retail operator with tens of department stores whose stock is on the main list of the Helsinki stock market. Nowadays Markku operates as a board expert and an investor


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