Why to choose Shopify ecommerce platform?

What you should know when you are starting a new e-commerce business and what Shopify ecommerce platform is best solution for you. In today’s market, there are two main types of platforms for ecommerce business owners: 
  • Fully hosted ecommerce platforms 
  • Open source ecommerce platforms 
From these two options, Shopify is a fully hosted ecommerce platform. Fully hosted Shopify ecommerce platform provides distinct advantages over open source ecommerce platforms. Shopify’s primary benefits are four distinct areas that every ecommerce business owner is concerned about. These benefits are:
  • Simple
  • Quick to launch
  • Easily adaptable and constantly evolving
  • Easy and simple maintenance

Shopify ecommerce platform is less complex and faster placed to market

There are often many challenges involved in launching or redesigning an ecommerce that merchants may not always be fully aware of. Decisions range from terminating the hosting service to importing products from existing stores. Shopify offers a turnkey solution that removes many of these challenges.

By going with a Shopify ecommerce platform, clients will have: 

  • The opportunity to start selling faster. Shopify offers a simplified store setup process and easy day-to-day management through robust content management systems (CMS) that are uncommon when compared to their open source counterparts.
  • An all-in-one commerce solution. Merchants receive maintenance assistance in their native language, shopping cart functions, and sales channel integrations with no additional fees or labor. This significantly saves time to set up the store as well as the financial investment that would otherwise be available on open source platforms.

Shopify ecommerce platform is easily adaptable and constantly evolving

Setting up an ecommerce is not only a one-time event. It is also a continuous development of the components to keep up with the competition. Shopify offers several advantages over the development of the platform itself compared to open source options, including key benefits:
  • Easy access to versatile extensions. Extensions can be selected and deployed easily and quickly according to the customer’s wishes with the third-party apps and integrations. 
  • A constantly evolving platform. Shopify maintained stores for hundreds of thousands of online retailers. Thanks to many merchants, Shopify is among the first to ensure that all sizes online merchants have access to the best features and practices.

Easy and simple store maintenance

Shopify provides easy and simple ecommerce maintenance so that entrepreneurs can focus on the essentials – managing and growing their business – instead of technical problems. Shopify offers merchants for example:
  • The platform maintenance team. This means the merchant has access to round-the-clock technical support as well as ongoing platform maintenance to keep their online store up and running.
  • A sense of security with leading information security. Shopify takes care of SSL certification, security fixes and more, taking care of the security of merchants’ business and customers online.
Working on the Shopify e-commerce platform makes setting up an ecommerce easy, development continuous and fast, making the business more profitable and giving the merchant peace of mind in matters related to the timeliness of security. Find out more about Brancoy’s Shopify ecommerce services and continuous development here or contact us directly for questions about Shopify.