Iccuna - A joint game of marketing and sales.

Iccuna is focused on making functional and ecologically created window and glass products. The company has brought boldly innovated solutions to the market which they use to chance Finns’s mental images of possibilities provided by windows and doors. Choices based on Pohjanmaa’s strong values are manifested as ecological choices and responsible operating models.


Iccuna needed support to align sales and marketing. In addition, a new kind of product and thinking in the market needed a partner who could unify and accelerate the company's message.


As part of the cooperation, we have been able to create a story about the company's brand and created the principles for implementing marketing. In addition, we combined sales and marketing with the help of lead generation. An important part of the success was knowing the customer target groups and finding the most suitable solutions for them, which led to the selection of content marketing and paid advertising as the most important means of influence.
The marketing has been carried out with the help of videos emphasizing the company's personality, blog texts and images that embody the brand promise, which allowed us to increase organic visibility and recognition in the competitive field.

"Brancoy jumped in with a good grip on developing all of our business right from day one. We were positively surprised by the functionality and ease of external marketing services.” – Teemu Haapalahti