Puustamo - Versatile B2B and B2C functionalities using Shopify

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Puustamo Oy is a domestic wood doors manufacturer. Visual and responsible individual wood doors and entrance elements are suitable for apartments, business premises and public places.

As a Shopify eCommerce project and our long-term joint mission is to raise the value of doors in real estate. We wanted to build the uniqueness of the products and the customization possibilities as a customer experience for architects, designers, house package sellers and consumers in a visual and user-friendly way.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we got to know Puustamo's business, customers and other operative functions in B2B business. While operating in the traditional industry, Shopify was wanted to function not only for online sales but also as an everyday and most important tool for sellers and production.

Starting point

In the initial situation, Puustamo had traditional sales processes. With the help of social media and online advertising, website visitors and contacts were collected, on the basis of which solutions were offered for front door needs. The company did not have a sales system, so a lot of manual work was done to calculate offers. In addition, the products were presented as individual images, so the customization of the products did not come out clearly in the marketing.


We built a user-friendly and functional online store for Puustamo, where the customer can visually design an inviting entrance from a versatile selection. With the product configurator you can build your own product-specific specifications for each product and add any additional features to the door. On the consumer side, consumers are guided to submit a offer request for the packages, while business customers can order the products directly with their own accounts.

Shopify also serves as a tool for sellers in calculating offers. Sellers can build the offers directly from Shopify, after which the customer can be delivered a customized and informative offer from various offer templates.

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