Skogsberg & Smart - Migration to Shopify platform enabled agile international growth

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Skogsberg & Smart is a Swedish luxury goods company that specializes in hand-blown home design. The heart of the company beats in the Czech Bohemia territory, home of the world's most famous glass blowers. All unique models are created by skilled artisans, where the products are delivered to hotels, restaurants and boutiques all over Europe, all the way to New York.


A high-quality and unique product did not serve the business as it should. The old eCommerce platform had come to an end. It was impossible to develop the site and the functions of the site were insufficient to achieve the goals.

The online store side had its own domain, which a separate link led from the more informative site. This made it difficult to buy the products and in general to find the brand in search engines.


Skogsberg & Smart needed a quick solution and implementation to develop online business and international growth. We established a Shopify store for them. We migrated products implemented from old platform. We merged two separate sites into one platform, keeping the informative content, but bringing out the commercial features better with theme customization. The stylish visual image content was customized to the format to be purchased, creating an opportunity for the customer to navigate directly from the image in to the right product card.

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We implemented Shopify Markets for the client, which enabled the quick creation of markets for different target markets. Each target market has a suitable language, currency, effective delivery methods and regulations for conducting international business. With Shopify, we were able to centralize all the data to one platform and in the future to develop the site and open new markets agile with Shopify Markets.