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Research and Insights

When you need information and insight on how to take control of your company's market – regardless of whether you operate online, brick-and-mortar, or both.

We study how your company's industry is developing, who your competitors are and what they do, and how your company is positioned in the market. We will tell you how and where you should allocate your company's contributions and which sales channels to use to get your businesson the growth track.

We choosethe necessary tools and implement, test, and develop the required measures together with your company. Diligent survey and planning make it possible to take over the market in stages, whereby costs remain reasonable throughout the process.

The service is aimed especially at new companies; companies whose industry is in transition; and companies whose own operations are undergoing changes.

  • Workshops

  • Research work

  • Tools

  • Reporting

  • Brand strategy / Brand identity

  • Omnichannel services

  • Shopify services


    Brand identity

    So that your customers know what your company does and why.

    We study your company's identity, customers, buyers, vision, mission, and story. We explore your company's position and distinctiveness in the market as well as the benchmarks you have chosen. We also go through your company's previous references and the success stories born from them.

    After careful groundwork, we create a brand strategy for your company as well as communication punchlines that support your business. Together with a graphic designer, we bring the brand strategy to life - we convert words into a visual form that shows your customers what your company does and why.

    The service is aimed at new companies that do not yet have a brand strategy; companies who need to give a deeper thought to the meaning of their brand; and companies that have recognized the need to refresh the corporate image.

  • Workshop

  • Tools

  • Strategy work

  • Graphic design

  • Implementation plan

  • Shopify services

  • Growth services

  • Discover your potential. Grow strong.

    Omnichannel strategy

    When your company is aiming for significant growth, your brand is well-known, and omnichannel sales may already be part of your company's growth plan.

    We study your company's business and map out which sales channels are right for you – we look for the ones in which your company's customers are present. We introduce new sales channels and break your company into them, take care of the necessary integrations, and create an omnichannel strategy for your company.

    We make it simple to sell products through different channels: we combine data from all sales channels in one tool.

    The service is aimed at companies that sell only through one channel (online or brick-and-mortar) and companies that do international trade and already have Shopify Payments and Market in use.
  • Channel mapping

  • Forming a strategy

  • Sales channel implementation

  • Tools

  • Possible Integrations

  • Growth services

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