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Analytics and CDP

When you want to increase the sales of your Shopify online store and further develop your company's business, but you don't know where to start.

We help your company to understand your customers better. We analyze existing data of your online store visitors and customers and find out why customers buy or don’t buy something.

By acquiring thorough knowledge of your customers' consumer behavior, we can target the hype precisely, improve your online store sales, and increase your customers' average purchase amount. At the same time, we improve the customer experience.

This way, the euros you invest in advertising will produce more profit and the overall performance of your online store will increase.

The service is aimed at companies that use the Shopify platform; companies that have established themselves as online retailers; and companies that want to grow and develop.
  • Tools implementation

  • Business survey and

  • Measurement and analysis

  • Reporting and development ideas

  • Succees & Support

  • Paid marketing

  • Marketing automations

  • Increase visibility. Emphasize your expertise. Catch up the distance and sprint past.

    Search Engine Optimization

    When you understand your customers and your marketing works for them, but you want to catch up to your competitors and increase your brand awareness.

    We study your company's industry and your current website, checking everything that affects your company's visibility in search engines: we analyze your website content, metatexts, links, and files. We study how your company appears in different search engines compared with your competitors.

    On the basis of the keyword research, we make a concrete content plan, which includes the optimization of the current contents as well as frameworks and guidelines for new content. This increases the organic visibility of your company and the reliability of your brand. In the long run, it saves you the euros you invest in marketing.

    The service is aimed at Shopify merchants who have already established themselves in the eCommerce market and use marketing to promote sales but need to improve their brand recognition.
    Technical audit: site speed, content, files, metatexts, links)

  • Raporting and implementation plan

  • Keyword research

  • Content production

  • Succees & Support

  • Paid marketing

  • Trust and develop. Grow and prosper.

    Succees and Support

    For Shopify online merchants who need technical know-how and genuine business understanding.

    In order to succeed in the competition, your online store needs continuous development – and us: we survey the current state of your online store, compile clear suggestions for improvement, and take care of the technical implementation of your online store development.

    As a partner providing continuous support, we proactively survey your online store and harness the best and most up-to-date functionalities of the Shopify platform for your use. We help to improve the functionality of your online store, increase the reliability of your web site, and engage your customers to buy time and again.

    The service is aimed at existing and new Shopify online merchants who need technical support, business insight to accelerate growth, or an active partner with initiative to develop their current online store.
  • Mapping and suggestions for improvement

  • Technical implementation

  • Ongoing support

  • Paid marketing

  • Growth and internationalization planning

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