Our mission is to grow strong online business brands and make trading timeless, limitless, and effortless.

We help companies to sell better and more premeditated with the help of a functional-commercial strategy. We know the different sales channels and bundle them into one easily manageable entity with the help of Shopify. We make online businesses easy to understand. We create–together with our customers–a selling brand and store that enables business growth and internationalization. Everything we do is based on a deep understanding of the client's business

Endless potential

Each of us has potential that we can endlessly exploit.

Partners not clients

Our customers' goals are our goals–we achieve them as a condensed team.

Good coyship

We are more than colleagues. We are a community that gets excited, succeeds, and thrives together.

Lifetime learners

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Only by learning new can we grow and renew.

Brancoy culture

From the first day of our mutual journey the one thing uniting us has been the vision to dare to do things differently and courageously but with a customer oriented approach and productive results.

We started with digital marketing and content creation for different marketing channels.

As the number of customers grew and customerships deepened we noticed that with traditional marketing actions you can get results fast but in reality there’s so much more to sustainable growth.

Incredible working environment, so happy to be a part of this team!

Aatu Manninen, Senior Integration/App Developer